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Friday, July 20, 2007

fokofpolisiekar - brand suid afrika

"In the music video for "Brand Suid-Afrika" we find the band playing alone in a camp terrain when suddenly a group of cars surround them, each car containing a different group of people. The groups consist of a dysfuncional family, two "boere" (farmers), a young couple, and a group of boys. While the band plays, clips of the people are shown in which they at first appear to be normal, but the more we see of them, the more we realise that none of them are in fact as normal as they seemed at first. At first, we see the young couple talking in the back seat of a car, the family grouping together to take a photograph and the two "boere" sitting together on a car in front of a fire, while the one looks at the other one, and a bunch of "trompoppies" (South African cheerleaders). When the song starts to become heavy things get out of control at the camp site. The couple start to undress and furiously make-out, after the family photograph is taken the husband starts arguing with his wife, the teenage daughter walks off, the 13 year old son laughs at the situation and the domestic worker for the family just looks at the camera with a concerned, almost depressed look on her face. The young boys have become hooligans and start beating another boy while fireworks start shooting around them and the boere take each others hands, and near the end go to kiss each other, which we do not see (because the camera moves down) but we see them grabbing each others backsides. And when the lead "trompoppie" drops her baton stick we see the lead singer of Fokofpolisiekar, "Francois van Coke" talking in a bunch of microphones, twirling his finger around in circles. The video ends with the band playing and the family photo appears in front of us but then bursts into flames and the logo of the "Brand Suid-Afrika" CD-single (An eagle with its heart visible standing on a circle with a picture of Africa where missiles are being dropped on South Africa, which is on fire) appears in front of us and stays there until the music-video ends."

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